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Room: B1
Office hours : Wednesday  13.00-14.30
Tel.: 42 635 51 82


construction of tests based on runs theory and order statistics, construction of statistical tables for selected non- parametric statistics based on exact distributions and recursive formulas, non-classical methods of statistical inference taking into account Bayes analysis, bootstrap and non-parametric inference, analysis of properties of tests  of multivariate normality, small area statistics, medical statistics, statistical methods on capital and insurance market, tests based on stochastic processes.


Master of Science  since 30 June , 1968 ( master’s dissertation titled - “ Non- comma dictionaries”-  supervisor  - assistant   professor  Jerzy Jaroń, Ph.D.),

Doctor since 1976 ( doctoral dissertation entitled  „Tests of runs and their econometric application” – supervisor  professor . Zdzisław Hellwig),

Habilitated Doctor  since 1986. („ Theoretical bases of non- parametric tests and their application in economic and social sciences”,  University of Łódź Publishing House , Łódź),

Assistant  Professor  since  1987,

Associate  Professor    since   1990,

Professor of Economic Sciences since  1991, (professorial book entitled  „Statistical Tests ” PWE, 1990.


  • Deputy Director of the  Institute of  Econometrics and   Statistics , University of Łódź  (1976 – 1984),
  • Vice  Dean  of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology , UŁ (1987-1990),
  • Head of the  Unit of  Statistical Methods in the  Institute of  Econometrics and Statistics , UŁ (1987-1991),
  • Dean  of  the Faculty of  Economics and Sociology , UŁ (1990-1993),
  • Head  of  the  Department of  Statistical  Methods (1992 - 2015),
  • Vice President of the University of Łódź for Economic Matters and Promotion (1993-1996),
  • Director of the  Institute of Econometrics and  Statistics,  UŁ (1997 – 2008),
  • Director of the  Institute of  Statistics and  Demography, UŁ  (2009 - 2013).


  • member of  Committee of  Statistics and  Econometrics, Polish Academy of Sciences( PAS) ,  since  1987,
  • member of  Polish Mathematical Society,
  • member of  Polish   Biometric Society,
  • member of  Biometric Society,
  • member of Section of Classification and Data Analysis of  Polish Statistical Association,
  • member of American Statistical Association,
  • member of  Institute of Mathematical Statistics (since  2007),
  • chairman of  Unit for Social Statistics in Statistics Council  (2000-2002),
  • member of Scientific Statistical Council  in Central Statistical Office  (1992-2005),
  • member of Mathematical Commission  , Central Statistical Office (1990-1994),
  • member of Polish Statistical; Association: chairman of the Łodź Section  (1980-1986), vice – president  (1986-1990), member of the Board of the Main Council  (1990-1994),
  • president of Polish Statistical  Association  (1994-2005), and since February  2010,
  • co- founder and vice – president of  Association of University of Łódź Graduates and Friends  (since  1993),
  • member of International Statistical Institute since 1984, full member since  2000,
  • member of Consultation and Advisory Board for the Prime Minister (2007-2008),
  • member of Methodological Commission for the President of Central Statistical Office  (since  2006),
  • member of Integration – Expert Team  of Economic Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences for the term  2009-2010;
  • member of Integration – Expert  Team of Mathematical Sciences, PAS , 2009-2010,
  • member of the Council of University of  Łódź  Foundation since  2009,
  • member of Editorial Board of the scientific quarterly of Committee of Statistics and Econometrics , PAS , „Przegląd Statystyczny”  (“Statistical Review “) since  2009,
  • member of Central Commission for Degrees and Titles - Section II for Economic Sciences  for  2007-2012 and  2013-2016 terms of office,
  • member of Committee for  Economic Sciences , PAS  , 2011-2014, 
  • member of Committee for Statistics and Econometrics , PAS, (2003-2006), (2011-2014), vice –chairman  (2007–2011).


  • Statistical Non- parametric Tests, PWE, Warsaw, 1979,
  • Statistical Tests, Warsaw,  1990,
  • Statistical Inference under Non- classical Assumptions, University of Łódź Publishing    House,  Łódź 1998, (co- authors: K. Pruska, W. Wagner),
  • Statistical Expert Systems, University of Łódź Publishing House, Łódź 1998 (co- authors: H. Gadecki, K. Pruska, A. Rossa),
  • Non – classical Statistical Methods, PWE, Warsaw,  2000,
  • Methods of Small Area Statistics, University of Łódź Publishing House, Łódź 2001 (co- author: K. Pruska),
  • Application of Statistical Methods in Examining Patients with Myocardial Ischaemia Treated Operationally, University of Łódź Publishing House, Łódź 2003 (co- authors: A. Iwaszkiewicz-Zasłonka, R. Jaszewski, M. Misztal, P. Okoński, A. Rossa, E. Szymańska [Janowska], J. Zasłonka,
  • Analysis of Distributions of Pay and Income in Poland in Territorial Cross Section, UŁ Publishing House, Łódź 2005,
  • Statistical Methods of Multiple Inference, UŁ Publishing House, Łódź 2007 (co-author: D. Parys),
  • Non- classical Methods of Evaluation of Effectiveness and Risk. Open Pension Funds, PWE, Warsaw,  2011 (co-authors: J. Białek, K. Bolonek-Lasoń, A. Mikulec).


  • Gold Cross of Merit 1989,
  • Officer Cross of the Order of Poland ‘s Revival  2001,
  • Medal of the Commission of  National  Education 1992,
  • Gold Honorary Distinction „In Merit of Polish Statistics” (three times ), 1995, 1999, 2003,
  • Honorary Distinction of the City of Łódź, 2003,
  • Bernardus Bolzano Medal of  the Charles University in Prague, 1988,
  • Award in Merit of  the City of Łódź, 2004,
  • Awards of the Minister of  National Education: 1978, 1979, 1980, 1987, 1991.
  • Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for the book „Non-classical Methods of Evaluation of Effectiveness and Risk. Open Pension Funds”, (co-authors: J. Białek, K. Bolonek-Lasoń, A. Mikulec), 2012,
  • „Eureka of Łódź” 2012 for the book „Non-classical methods of Evaluation of Effectiveness and Risk”. Open Pension Funds”, PWE, Warsaw, 2011 (co-authors: J. Białek, K. Bolonek-Lasoń, A. Mikulec).
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